SECURY S-Bolt Inactive

With Shoot Bolt for double Doors

  • 2-point locking system for maximum security and protection against warping of the door panels
  • Heavy duty mortise construction with reinforced lever return spring system
  • 90° locking with thumb-turn
  • Lever controlled engaging and releasing the shoot bolts
  • Two shoot bolts 1” (25mm) projection offer deeper penetration into the head and sill resulting in higher security and outstanding performance
  • Handle height 36″ (915mm)
  • 8mm spindle
  • 92mm centres (spindle to cylinder)
  • 16mm stainless steel faceplate
  • Same hardware groove detail throughout our entire door lock program (router bits available)
  • Used with shoot bolt extensions 6-39572-XX-0-8B
  • Used with latch and deadbolt blockers K-19658-XX-0-6