Parallel Slide hardware for Wood

  • Newly developed stay-bogies with power control and ballbearing
  • Supported wheels ensure a smooth and noiseless movement of the sashes
  • With the use of the tried and tested bogies and profiles from the GU Tilt&Slide hardware systems GU-966/200 (timber/PVC) and GU-968/200 (aluminium), the highest quality requirements are met
  • The GU Parallel-Slide hardware enables the manufacture of elements with sash weights up to 200kg
  • The hardware is suitable for sash widths of up to 2000mm and allows for large passage widths
  • The UNI-JET central locking system features a mishandling device as standard
  • The ferGUard*silver surface sealing offers durable corrosion protection
  • Central locking system based on Tilt&Turn hardware system for 16 mm hardware groove
  • The different climatic conditions in the summer and winter frequently lead to changes in the locking cam settings
  • The Cleverle adapts automatically to the varying rebate clearances. This significantly reduces the effort required to carry out adjustments during manufacturing and when on-site
  • Turn handles and accessories from the Tilt&Turn hardware range for 16mm hardware groove
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