Lift&Slide Hardware for Aluminium

Aluminium Series

All the hardware variants from Gretsch-Unitas for Lift&Slide applications share the same basic strengths and advantages:

  • Outstandingly smooth and quiet movement of sliding sashes
  • Delightfully easy operation even of large and heavy sashes thanks to the perfect interplay of functional components such as bogies, drive gears and turn handles
  • Considerable convenience of a wide range of accessories to enhance your customer satisfaction
  • Gears for sash heights up to 3250 mm, 3750 mm on request*
  • High burglar inhibition even in standard items due to rugged hardware components
  • Tested burglar inhibition achieved with optional security components
  • Ideal corrosion protection with ferGUard*silver surface sealing
  • Turn handles for comfortable operation in appealing designs and different materials
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