New Fenix Program


FERCO announces the launch of its FENIX Evo Casement window Hardware

Availability SUMMER 2021 – Be part of the evolution

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Fenix Program

Fenix – What is this?


Phoenix is a legendary bird that was born again from the ashes of its predecessor to obtain new life.

Ferco/GU is a leading North American supplier for multipoint locking solutions. Our knowledge combined with our customer relations and experience have given us a unique opportunity to re-design and present a modern style operating and locking solution for casement windows

FERCO is glad to present you:

                 The New FENIX Program

The new FERCO casement hardware generation

GU International

Fenix Evo:


After two years of development and with feedback from our valued customers, Ferco presents the FENIX EVO with a modern sleek new design that is a combination of functional, practical, and modern lines.

FENIX Evo advantages

GU International

The new locking handle

The thinnest casement locking handle on the market. It is slim and flush with the window profile making it almost invisible in the locked and unlocked position.

The locking handle also matches the straight lines and contours of our new handle.

One clic installation


The new FENIX Evo locking handle will install with just one click on to your window profile making installation quick, efficient, and screwless.  This locking handle is designed to be installed into a wide range of materials including aluminum, PVC or Hybrid.

Ask us if yours is included.

The new handle

Plastic cover, Zamac handle. The new handle carry over the thin design & the lines from the locking handle.

Once folded it unify your hardware integration in the outline of the window.