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Cosmofen 345 Adhesive Sealant
Product Features
  • Cosmofen 345 is mainly used in the PVC window manufacturing, for the sealing of additional profiles during the assembling of the elements
  • Cosmofen 345 offers a wide adhesion spectrum on different materials, PVC hard, powder-coated aluminium, stone, concrete and wood
  • Cosmofen 345 possesses long-lasting, non-aging, tough elastic film properties as well as a good weathering resistance and UV-stability
  • Cosmofen 345 is thixotrope (does not drop); compared with PVC diff usion adhesives, it has a lower shrinkage behaviour and therefore can be used for joint sealing up to 7mm (275.6mil).

  • Before starting to bond, dirt, grease, humidity and other possible impurities have to be removed from the surfaces to be bonded
  • Apply one-sided caterpillar-shaped (in shape of a snake) onto the surface to be bonded. The parts to be bonded are joined together within the OPEN TIME (45 s) and fixed/pressed until functional hardness has been achieved

  • 12 months if stored in a closed upright container between 15°C and 25°C without direct solar irradiation

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