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Parallel Projection Hinges
Product Features
  • Signifi cant cost saving on motor operators
  • Parallel Plus vents can be restricted to 40mm openings and still
    provide whole perimeter ventilation and effective air exchange
    equivalent to conventional window open to 100mm or more
  • Provides a safe, secure and well ventilated environment
  • Adjustable parallelism compensates for building and
    façade tolerances
  • High resistance to corrosion, manufactured from 304 grade
    austenitic stainless steel
  • Low operating forces, improved vent stability and
    parallelism control
  • Manual Operation - vents weighing up to 200 kg
    can be manually operated
    • One handle placed centrally at bottom of sash
    ~ 1100mm high x 2000mm wide by 100 kg
    • Two handles placed on either side of the sash up to 400mm
    below centre of the sash height ~ 3000mm high x 1300mm
    wide x 200 kg
    • Push bar placed up to 400mm below centre of sash height
    ~ 3200mm high x 2500mm wide x 200 kg
  • Motorised windows can be catered for up to 6000mm tall
    and 1 metric tonne
  • Smoke evacuation will be superior than for traditional window
    types but at wider clear openings than 40mm
  • Maintains curtain wall reflectivity with fewer broken sightlines

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