A Guidance on Hardware Maintenance Download pdf

Regular maintenance of mechanical components will reduce wear and tear and prolong the serviceable life. These recommendations assume that the window / door has been made and installed to a standard not less than that set out in the appropriate standard / code of practice and that all operations function correctly.

In order to maintain correct cavity dimension of weatherseal compression, adjustment is provided within most hardware available. Twice yearly - Spring and autumn recommended.

Handle and other items which are visible from inside or outside when the sash is closed, should be cleaned with a mild solution of warm soapy water, applied with a soft cloth. Dry thoroughly afterwards.

Parts exposed when the window / door is open, including strikers, should be wiped down to remove all residues of old lubricant and grime. Sealing cams and strikers should be given a minute smear of petroleum jelly. Sliding bars and face plate of drive gear should have silicone maintenance spray applied.

CAUTION: Care must be taken not to damage the surfaces of hardware. Abrasive cleaning agent and lubricants containing corrosive substances must be avoided.