A Guidance on Selection of Hardware Download pdf

Considering the range of profile systems, the degree of security demanded and possible weather performance requirements, it is not intended to advise on selection of either the style or type of hardware. However, in the absence of any alternative performance requirements, selection should take into account the recommendations contained in the appropriate Trade Standard.

Where windows / doors are to be fitted in coastal areas or heavily polluted regions of the country, it must be expected that a higher risk of corrosion exists. Selection must take this factor into account. We will be pleased to advise on the choice of materials and finishes for these applications.

Window / door sizes must be within the Applications Limits and selection must be made in accordance with the recommendations down by the hardware manufacturer, copies of which are available from FERCO.

We will be pleased to give recommendations for mounting and adjustment of hardware. When purpose designed jigs are available, we strongly recommend use of these in order to save time and reduce the chance of inconsistencies. Hardware with provision for adjustment must be accessible after the window / door is installed.

In general, screws are recommended and used; in certain applications purpose designed screws are required. Incorrect head form or thread type can cause premature failure of the hardware. Only fixings recommended by either the hardware supplier or the screw manufacturer should be used. Care should be taken to minimize the risk of corrosion arising from electrolyte reaction.