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Gap Filler 1961

Product Features
  • STELMAX 1961 are easily applied PVC resin,
    pigment and organic (flammable) with UV-stability
  • Solvent mix filler adhesives which bond readily to form maintenance free joints of exceptional strength
  • STELMAX 1961 has gap filling properties
  • Gap filling adhesives for bonding rigid and plasticised PVC, and many coated metals
  • Also good adhesion possible with many porous substrates
  • Widely used in the window industry for frames
    and attachments

  • Dry adhesive film has no smell
  • Weathering, UV and chemical resistance is similar
    to good quality rigid PVC
  • Solid content 40%
  • Retains fl exibility in use for long periods of time – Sealed joints move with the substrate and remain water and gas tight
  • Good slump resistance

  • 300 g tube (Adhesive 1961) - 6 months
  • Store at temperatures between 15°C and 30°C

    Downloads: Catalogue   SDS